On Tuesday 10th December TNO Circular Economy and Environment organized a side event on Chemical Recycling of Plastics in the Kromhouthal at Amsterdam. The side event was chaired by Jos Keurentjes, chairman of the recently launched National Platform Chemical Recycling. This side event was part of the two-day European Industry and Energy Summit.

With around 100 people from industry, government and knowledge institutes we experienced several plenary presentations and an interactive panel discussion with key industry leaders and hosted by Aldith Hunkar. After a presentation of the Platform Chemical Recycling by prof. Jos Keurentjes, a duo presentation was provided by Gerard van der Laan (TNO) and Ina Vollmer (University Utrecht). Gerard provided an overview of Chemical recycling technologies and the various TNO activities in this area. Ina provided an overview of new research areas and challenges in Chemical Recycling.

Thor Tummers (Unilever) and Dana Mosora (CEFLEX) shared their views on the packaging developments and need for chemical recycling technologies to produce food grade and high quality polymers. After the break, Josse Kunst (Kiduara) explored two cases of chemical recycling of condensation polymer using cases from CURE (Cumapol) and Aquafil. Finally, Adrian Griffiths (Recycling Technologies) explored the pyrolysis technology status and progress made to develop integrated waste sorting and recycling using RT’s modular pyrolysis units.

During a lively panel discussion hosted by Aldith Hunkar, we explored the challenges and chances for chemical recycling with Dessa Langevoort (BASF), Yvonne van der Laan (LyondellBasell), Dana Mosora (CEFLEX), Peter Nieuwenhuizen (ENERKEM), Jeroen Kelder (Inifinity Recycling),  Arnold Stokking  (Brightsite) and Rob de Ruiter (TNO).

The presentations can be downloaded from this site. (downloads available until 13 January 2020 !)

For more info on TNO Circular Plastics, please contact us at plastics@tno.nl or visit www.tno.nl/plastics.

For more info on the National Platform Chemical Recycling, please contact: info@chemical-recycling.nl or www.chemical-recycling.nl

We like to thank all participants for their presence and the presenters and panel members for their contribution.

We wish you a great holiday season and look forward to future collaboration in 2020!

Gerard van der Laan, Rob de Ruiter, Esther Zondervan (TNO Circular Plastics)

EIES Summit - Chemica recycling


Panel discussion